The Environmental Impacts of Fast Fashion

The environmental impacts of fast fashion

What’s the real cost of that £8 shirt? Fashion is often branded as the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil and gas sector. All stages of the clothing production process can incur serious environmental impacts throughout the product lifecycle – pre and post-consumer – so fashion’s collective ecological footprint is undoubtedly big.

How to start a clothing line

Starting a clothing line is no simple task; it takes both creativity and business acumen to make the brand work and turn a profit. A creative flair will allow you to create products that interest your target market, while your business sense will see you through the difficult early stages and allow you to grow your start-up into a healthy, thriving and successful brand.

How to start a clothing line
History of Denim & the Origin of Jeans

History of denim & the origin of jeans

Denim jeans have become an integral part of everyday life, so much so that most of us never stop to question where our favourite pair came from, how they were manufactured, nor their history.

A beginners guide to fabric types

In the textile industry, cloth is the collective term for fabrics and materials used in the production of clothing. Raw fibres go through a process of being twisted together to create threads. These threads are then woven or knit to create a workable material which can then be cut, stitched and turned in to garments.

Custom fabric
Fashion supplier of the year

Hawthorn has won fashion supplier of the year at the drapers awards

We are incredibly honoured to announce that Hawthorn has won the title of ‘Fashion Supplier of the Year’ at the Drapers Awards!

Q&A with 3D fashion designer Michelle Ramsay

We will be speaking to Michelle Ramsay. Michelle is a 3D fashion designer, working with both new and established brands in the fashion industry. Designers like Michelle are a vital part of our industry, allowing clothing manufacturers to create and refine ideas before putting the garments into production.